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To be honest, I am super excited about Part 2. It’s
something really amazing, and I’m really excited about it.

I knew that it is a big deal, that Renesmee Cullen, it was gonna be an
amazing, a big, a wonderful experience, and I knew that she’s gonna be an amazing, big
part to do, and I’m ready for it, and I did it!

When I met Rob and Kristen… They’re really sweet people, I mean they’re just
really nice people, and they’re really nice to be around.

Always remember who you are, always follow your heart and never lose your
personality and who you really are.

I’m excited for Twilight to come out and I’m ready for everything
that comes with it.


I always work hard on everything that I do, and acting is my Passion. So, I want
to continue doing it for the rest of my life

The thing I most want people to remember about is to never lose their creativity, always imagine, move forward, and
never stop creating.


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