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26 July 2016   179 Comments

We finally have a new photo from Mackenzie’s shoot with Dani Brubaker! I can already tell that this shoot is gonna have some amazing photos! Hopefully, more photos will be released soon. 🙂

5 July 2016   118 Comments

Hey guys! An adorable interview of Mackenzie at the Cannes Film Festival has been released! I absolutely love the interview so make sure not to miss it!

25 June 2016   210 Comments

Hey guys! As you all know, Mackenzie did a photoshoot with Dani Brubaker recently. Dani posted a preview once but we didn’t get to see the actual photos. Yesterday though, Dani posted the first photo of that shoot on her Instagram! Mackenzie looks awesome and I can’t wait to see the rest of this shoot!!
Also, Mackenzie has been working on a new photoshoot with Michael Comte! I have posted an LQ preview to the gallery. You can check the photos out by clicking on the thumbnails below.

19 June 2016   28 Comments

I have a special update for you guys! I have added new/old photos from Mackenzie signing autographs back in 2015 at the Cannes Film Festival! Thank you to Simply Mackenzie for the photos 🙂 These photos are exclusive so I ask that you please do not remove the tag. Thank you!
PS: Unfortunately, These are in LQ but I will try to get my hands on the HQ ones!!

9 June 2016   30 Comments

Hey guys! A new interview from when Mackenzie attended the Saturn Awards has popped up! Mackenzie talks about her favorite books and much more. My favorite part was the last bit of the interview! You can watch it by clicking here.
UPDATE: Here’s the HQ interview!

31 May 2016   29 Comments

Hey guys! We finally have some news on The Little Prince! The official trailer has been released which you should watch right now! I’ve added the trailer to the post and the screencaps to our gallery.

The movie finally has a release date! It will be released on Netflix and in theaters on August 5th.

Netflix will premiere The Little Prince, a stunning animated film based on the beloved children?s book, featuring the voices of Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams, Ricky Gervais, Marion Cotillard and James Franco.

Congrats Mackenzie!!

7 May 2016   47 Comments

Mackenzie recently worked with Dani Brubaker on a new photoshoot and Dani posted this Sneak Peek to her Instagram! I absolutely can’t wait to see all of the photos!!
The photos will be shown at this summer’s ‘El Segundo Art Walk‘, which will be held on June 16th, July, 21st and on August, 18th!

Also, I have added a photo from Mackenzie’s Vanity Fair 2012 shoot in better quality to our gallery. You can view that here.

22 March 2016   26 Comments

Hey guys and welcome back!! I am so excited for this update – I have decided to move Muse Mackenzie to WordPress! This will make updating the site a whole lot easier.
I still have to make a few small makeovers – sorry if something on the site doesn’t work well. I am also thinking of changing our gallery layout soon, so stay tuned for that!
PS: As soon as the site is completely finished, I will start posting regularly on our Instagram, so make sure to follow us there! You can click on the instagram and twitter icon in our header to be redirected to our social media, and the little envelope to send us an email!
Well, I hope you guys are going to continue visiting us – now feel free to explore the new site! 🙂 –Muse Mackenzie

UPDATE: Our gallery has a new layout! I really hope you guys like it! Now I just need to add a timeline to the ‘Fans’ section of the site and everything is done! I am so excited about this new look! I will have more time to add more photos to the gallery soon! 🙂

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