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26 October 2016   97 Comments

Hey guys! I’m so happy to be able to make a Twilight related post! I’ve added new stills and a BTS to the Gallery. My favorites are definitely the behind the scenes photo and also the still on the battlefield! Thanks to Kristen Stewart Brazil for the photos! Here are the photos:

15 October 2016   29 Comments

Hey guys! It’s that time of the year again! Mackenzie is turning 16 next month and we want to prepare something special for her! Unfortunately, Muse Mackenzie won’t be able to put a video together but messages and photos are still allowed! Here are the rules:


1. Write a message for Mackenzie.
2. Make a Mackenzie themed edit. (no videos)
3. Hold up a sign wishing Mackenzie a Happy Birthday!


1. All entries must be appropiate for a birthday project.
2. Only entries that are not against the rules above, will be included.
3. Please submit only ONE entry per person.
4. The deadline is November, 8th. Any entries that were sent in later, won’t be included in the final project.


Email us your entry. Our email adress is but you can click the mail icon in our header to send us a mail as well. Make sure to include the following info in your email:

and of course your
Link to your picture:

Please use an uploading source like Mediafire to send us your photo.
I am so excited to see your entries – have fun!

10 October 2016   419 Comments

A new photo of Mackenzie’s Garnet Hill shoot back from 2006 has popped up! Mackenzie looks super cute! I’ve added that photo to the gallery; also, if you hvaen’t noticed, I’ve also added a new photo from Mackenzie’s latest Dani Brubaker shoot to the gallery.

7 September 2016   455 Comments

I have a few updates on Mackenzie’s Vogue Italia shoot. First of all, a BTS video has been posted on the official vogue site. You can see how much fun Mackenzie had while shooting! To watch the video, click here.
Also, here’s a rough translation of the article that was featured in the magazine:

There is a time in every woman?s life in which self-awareness takes body and soul, while the living aspirations and happiness appear on the horizon, to chase and catch up on Chris- nal of an intense decade. For girls portrayed in these pages it all happened earlier, and with a frenzy that will remember or which already look incredulous, without even ask what dowry he has pushed the destinies: Beauty prevent arterial but out of the norm, classical talent, skills to Millennials, determination, or maybe just luck? To MacKenzie Foy is a typical path of the child stars of the film Hollywood hate: spotted by a talent scout, he starts as a baby model going from commercials to TV series. The fame came with the film of the last decade phenomenon ?Twilight,? where is the demi-vampire daughter of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, and consolidates this season with the blockbuster ?Interstellar?. But she has nothing of the starlet teenager: his eyes devoid of malice, to 16 years has a beauty already full but still comparatively robust, and a bon ton style in his daily life as a student, as well as on the red carpets of film festivals, the gue distinction from peers.

6 September 2016   856 Comments

New photos of one of Mackenzie’s 2012 photoshoot have popped up and their so adorable!! Photo credit goes to both Robin Lebowe and Dani Brubaker!

4 September 2016   290 Comments

Hey guys! I just uploaded our gallery with a bunch of photos! I’ve uploaded photos of Mackenzie’s advertising shoots from 2008 and ’10 and also her Obsessee shoot in better quality. Also, a new photo of her photoshoot with Michael Comte for Vogue Italia and from her shoot with Dani Brubaker has popped up! Check out the Obsessee photos by clicking here and the other photos by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Also, our site was down for a short time but our host fixed it – sorry about that!
I also recommend you guys to follow our instagram, as it will be updated daily! Click on the instagram icon in our header or click here: @mackenziefoynet.

14 August 2016   593 Comments

I have found a few new interview clips! I’ve included all of them in this post.

I have also added a new photo of Mackenzie’s Dani Brubaker shoot to the gallery.

9 August 2016   25 Comments

Mackenzie had a photoshoot with Obsessee recently and she got to show off her amazing Tae Kwon Do black belt skills! This might be one of my favorite shoots she has done so far! Click here to read the full article.
Besided the new Obsessee photos, I have uploaded a BTS photo of Mackenzie’s Home & Family shoot and also a new The Little Prince poster to the gallery, Click on the thumbnails below to view all of the phtotos!

5 August 2016   25 Comments

I have so many things to update you on! Sorry for not updating my site earlier, but I was having issues with my computer. Sorry about that! But now onto the news!
First of all, Mackenzie did an interview with KidzWorld where she talked about working on The Little Prince, Pokemon Go and much more! You can read the whole interview by clicking here!

Next, Mackenzie had two television interviews! She appeared on Hallmark’s Home & Family and also KTLA! I’ve added the clips to this post and also some photos from Mackenzie’s Home & Family interview. Thanks to Marvelous Mackenzie for the photos!
Here is the first clip. Thanks again to Katie for uploading it! Also, here’s Mackenzie’s KTLA interview.

Here’s another short Home & Family clip:

Last but not least, a new interview from Mackenzie’s press event has popped up!

REMINDER: The Little Prince came out on Netflix TODAY! Congrats to Mackenzie and the whole cast! Have fun watching!!

1 August 2016   25 Comments

Mackenzie will discuss The Little Prince this Wednesday, August 3rd on the show Home & Family! It will air at 10 AM on Hallmark! Don’t miss out on it!
Sadly, I will not be able to watch it because Hallmark doesn’t air in Germany, so we would be grateful if you guys could record the show and post it to Youtube! Please tweet us the link to the video if you decide to do it – click on the Twitter icon right above our header! Thank you!!

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