MuseMackenzie Your fansite for 15 year old actress and model Mackenzie Foy

Full name: Mackenzie Christine Foy
Nicknames: Kenzie, Kenz, KenzieKenz
Age: 15 years
Birthday: November, 10th
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Hair color: Light Brown
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Green
Star Sign: Scorpio


01. Mackenzie’s favorite colors are purple and green!
02. Mackenzie knew that she wanted to do movies when she was on a TV set.
03. Mackenzie’s very first movie was Breaking Dawn.
04. Mackenzie flew to Baton Rouge & Vancouver to film BD.
05. Mackenzie’s favorite scene to film in BD, was the “Jacob Wolf scene.
06. Mackenzie has two pets! A cat (Luna)and a puppy (FireFly).
07. Mackenzie holds a Junior Black Belt in Taekwondo and can break boards!
08. One of her favorite musicians are Taylor Swift and Adele.
09. Her best friends are Yara Shahidi and Joey King.
10. Mackenzie has been modeling, since she’s 3.
11. When she grows up, she wants to be a movie director and maybe a producer.
12. Mackenzie kept a swear jar on set of BD and donated it all to St. Judes!
13. Mackenzie is Team Twilight!
14. Mackenzie is trained in Ballet, Jazz, Taekwondo and Tap Dance.
15. Mackenzie’s favorite animal is a giraffe.
16. Mackenzie has an older brother.
17. Mackenzie said that both modeling and acting make her happy.
18. Mackenzie is a big action person and loves anything Marvel!
19. She would love to star in one! She would like to play a villain.
20. Mackenzie wants to win an Oscar for both acting and directing.


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