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Mackenzie (Mackenzie Christine Foy) was born in Los Angeles on the 10th November of 2000. She started her modeling career at a very young age. When she was three she started out with dance lessons and during her recitals an agent came and asked her mother if she wanted to get Mackenzie into modeling. That’s how she booked her very first job – for the major company Ralph Lauren. This wasn’t her only printwork job. She also modeled for other great companies such as Garnet Hill, Guess Kids and many more. Mackenzie wanted to start acting then, because “it would be her next adventure”. Eventually, Mackenzie did some commercials and then started booking guest spots for television shows! Her first guest spot was on the show Til’ Death followed by FlashForward.
In 2010, Mackenzie appeared on the CBS hit show Hawaii Five-0! Mackenzie decided that she wanted to do movies when she was on a TV set – and while she was filming in Hawaii Mackenzie got the big phonecall: she booked her very first movie!!

It turned out that Mackenzie had booked a role in one of the most anticipated movies in 2012, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn! Not only any role but she would get to play Renesmee Carlie Cullen, the half human-half vampire daughter of Bella and Edward. Filming this movie was very exciting for Mackenzie: In November 2010 she got to fly to Baton Rouge, LA and then Vancouver, Canada for filming. She worked with amazing actors such as Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), Kristen Stewart (Bella Cullen) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) and Mackenzie bonded really well with all of them. She even had a swear jar on set! The actors had to put money in it, whenever she caught them swearing – she even had different prices! Mackenzie won’t say how much money she made or who swore the most but she did say that she donated all the money to St. Judes! These weren’t the only exciting things Mackenzie got to do on set… She also got to do CGI work for the movie and stunt work – the stunt was her favorite scene to film in this movie!

But this was not the end of Mackenzie’s career – she booked 3 more projects not long after! She booked 2 more movies: the horror movie The Conjuring and the independent film Black-Eyed Dog which had the titel Plastic Jesus previously and still has to get a release date. Also, Mackenzie booked a role in one of the episodes of the TV series R.L. Stines The Haunting Hour! More exciting things were yet to come! In November 2011, Mackenzie walked the red carpet for the very first time at the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 1! She met her co-stars, friends, and got to do some interviews! She said that this was her first premiere and that she’d always wanted to walk the red carpet and of course that she was VERY excited to be there! For Breaking Dawn, Mackenzie got do to a lot more promotional stuff – she attended Comic-Con for the first time and attended a few other premieres and screenings! If you think that this is really exciting, then hold on: Mackenzie booked new projects yet again: this time another independent movie called Wish You Well, and another episode of The Haunting Hour! 2013 was another big year of many big years. In total, she booked five new projects!

Mackenzie finished filming The Conjuring and as a result attended her first non-twilight event – she attended the premiere of The Conjuring and got to walk the red carpet again! But before she got do that, she booked another movie, which turned out to be another big deal.. She booked a role in the sci-fi movie Interstellar which was directed by Christopher Nolan. Mackenzie worked with many other amazing people for example Oscar winners Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, and even more AMAZING people. If you were wondering, Mackenzie ended up playing Mr. Matthew’s – as Mackenzie likes to call him – daughter Murphy. She likes to be called Murph though! More things are to come! Mackenzie had booked three animated movies, one of them earned itself an Academy Award Nomination for Best Animated Feature. You can watch one of the other animated films ?(The Boxcar Children) on Netflix or buy it on DVD. Her other movie The Little Prince has a 2016 release date. The movie already premiered at many festivals, annd Mackenzie got to attend a few of them. Over the next years, Kenzie attended many more events, including the 2015 Teen Vogue Party and her very first fashion show: the Saint Laurent Fashion Show 2016!

While Wish You Well has been released on DVD, Black-Eyed Dog doesn’t have a release date yet. Cookie Mobster, however did air on PixL TV and Hallmark. You might think that Mackenzie is a busy girl. She is busy, no doubt, but in her free time, Mackenzie is just like every other teenage girl. She attends school, spends time with her family – which include her mom, dad, brother, cat and her dog FireFly – she is trained in Tae Kwon Do (she has the black belt!!!), Ballett and Jazz, hangs out with her friends (by the way her best friends are Yara Shahidi and Joey King) and she still has time for herself so she can relax a little. When she gets older, Mackenzie would like to attend film college to learn about the different departments and how everything works and wants to start directing then. She might even want to become a producer. Mackenzie has many goals in her life but she said this once: “Yes, I want to win an Oscar for acting and an Oscar for directing. That?s my plan.”

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